Dear Applehead

Dear Applehead,

It's been almost 4 months to the day since you left me. Or since I found you again, I'm not sure... I just know that I miss you so much and my heart is still aching. I look into your eyes and I wonder why the one person who made such a impact on the world had to face so much heartache and pain. I wonder why the one person who always put others before himself had to die the way you did. You gave us so much love although we returned it with so much hate. You did not visit one single country without making room for orphanages and hospitals. You gave the children a glimpse of hope and joy in their painful lives. You met a child with eyes full of tears but you always left that child smiling! That is what you did Michael, you spread your love and you lit hope in people's hearts. You learned us that we hold the power to heal our planet. We are the world, we have to heal it for our children and for future generations! You told us that for almost 40 years and thankfully so many of us believed you and followed you.

To many around the world you were an amazing artist. The one who brought the moonwalk into our musical culture. The one who sold more records than any previous artist in musical history. The one who created music videos 40 minutes long. But to me you were that and so much more. I can still remember, to this day, listening to your music at the age of 13 and truly hearing your message. I heard you, Michael! Since I was very young I feared for our earth and for the future for the human race. I asked my parents at the age of 8 how I ever could bring children into a world with so much war and poverty. So much hate. I aimlessly searched for answers, I wanted someone to show me the way to heal something I was such a big part of. Something I was given and something I had responsibility for.

And then, 5 years later, you appeared in my life. Like a summer wind that just sweeps you of your feet and carry you away. Suddenly everything became so obvious. You told me to start with the man in the mirror. You told me that we are the world and we have to make a change to heal it. And I did, Michael. I did it in the best way I could, by giving what I had too much of to those who had none. I have no one to thank for that but you.

You have changed my life, you truly have. I might not have been a real fan for the past 13 years, but I was once and I promise you; I am again. I have always, always believed in you and supported you. Because the memory of loving you never faded away and in my heart I thanked you every day for opening my eyes and my heart on that day.

It hurt so much that you had to die before I could grasp that feeling again. I have missed so much and I am so sorry for that. I can never take that back, but I can and I will love you now and for as long as I live. Trough your music you've helped me handle the pain I felt dealing with my mother's death. Trough you I could channel my feelings and I am forever grateful for that. I owe you my unconditional love for everything you have given me throughout the years.

I am more than proud to announce myself a fan today, Michael. I love to be part of your family and support you in any way I can. Because like you helped me, yesterday, today and tomorrow, I want to help you. In my own little way, I want to make the world a better place in your memory. I want to help save the children, because they are our future. I want to tell people the true story about you, not the one the tabloids publish. I want them to understand what I have always known; that you are a wonderful, loving and caring man who inspired so many people to spread love, magic and hope while the war continuously raged outside.

God bless you. I love you with all my heart.


Postat av: V

Oooh, so beautiful

Postat av: Ängla

Du är så duktig på att skriva, sweetie pie! <3

2009-10-20 @ 12:14:54

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