The Innocent Man

If I sail to Acapulco or Cancun Mexico
There the law is waiting for me
and God knows that I'm innocent

If they wont take me in Cairo
then lord where will I go?

I’ll die a man without a country
and only God knew I was innocent now.

Written by Michael Jackson during the trial in 2005


My sweet angel. I hope you knew that there were always those who believed in you. Who never doubted your innocence. I hope that you felt the love of those who loved you and supported you. I pray that you never felt alone, although I realize that anyone would. The world told you that you were guilty of molesting Jordan Chandler, but you always knew that you were not. He knew that it was his father who forced him to say that you did, by using mind-altering drugs. The fans always knew that someone like you could never do such a thing. Someone beautiful and loving like you could never hurt a child. I pray that you knew all of this. We always believed in you, we always supported you and wanted to protect you from all of this. We never stopped loving you, Michael.

My sweet innocent angel.


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