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My name is Helena and I live in Sweden. I have recently purchased your Commemorative Issue for Michael Jackson. As a huge fan I was looking forward to read the articles and I enjoyed most of them. However, one part of the article “What went wrong” by Brian Hiatt left me puzzled. In this article, Mr. Hiatt states that the investigators raiding Neverland during the child molesting case in 2003 found evidence of Michael's guilt. I quote from your magazine:

“The police raided the Neverland Ranch on November 18th, 2003, confiscating pornography and other evidence.” (p. 82)

My question is where you have gotten this information from? Because as we all know, the charges against Michael were dropped. Also, filmer Larry Nimmer joined the investigators during the raid and, given permission to investigate every little room of Neverland, he found absolutely nothing that could imply Michael as a child molester. His documentary “The untold story of Neverland” can be purchased now.

I do not wish to question your sources, I am sure they are eligible. I am simply looking for an explanation, since this is absolutely not as I have understood it and as the fan I am, I want to defend the King of Pop in every way I can.

Thank you for time.




Jag är inte den som läser felaktiga påståenden och bara låter dem vara. Om de hävdar detta vill jag ha en förklaring. För ALLA vet att polisen inte hittade något, det var ju hela grejen. Annars skulle Michael aldrig blivit frisläppt och anklagelserna dragits tillbaka. Jag räknar med att ett antal andra MJ fans runt om i världen reagerat likadant och förhoppningsvis kontaktat dem.


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